Care Outreach Initiative promotes Human rights and Development programs that include gender equity, women’s rights, and boys’ and girls’ empowerment programs. Child’s rights and development programs address children’s issues, such as child labor, child sexual abuse and exploitation, commercial sex, domestic violence of all forms, sexual harassment, and education.

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Human Rights Advocacy

Educational Rights for children. Promoting and providing a save zone for Young people through Advocacy and reintegration. A gateway to be a contributor and generational change.

We are advocating for the less fortunate women and children, moving one mountain at a time.
Everyone must be triggered to devise a solution to solve an ongoing problem in their community or society. While this trigger, which is the first inspiration can be anything that it desires to emulate a role model, or to build something, or to lead in a given area, or to solve a particular problem, this inspiration must be grounded for the long run by a mission to ensure what is done directly touches many lives. Not self-serving. This is how we craft our purpose.
The purpose of life is to be useful, and our usefulness must be expressed through solutions that solve community problems. A clear purpose inspires purposeful passion which becomes the fuel to drive solutions towards an unborrowed vision. We must look ourselves in the mirror, reflect deeply and answer these two questions: “What do I have to offer in solving the known challenges?” and “What can I do with what is accessible to me, to touch others’ lives positively?” Time has come for everyone to develop an unborrowed vision tied to a very clear purpose of solutions fueled with a purposeful passion that ties in their skills, talents to come up with solutions to turn challenges into opportunities that benefit communities and society.

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On-going Feeding Program

Help us feed children in poor neighborhoods and schools.

Most of these children go to school without eating. School lunch is critical to student health and well-being, especially for low-income students—and ensures that students have the nutrition they need throughout the day to learn.

Why is it important to feed students?

We need female volunteers leaders to mentor teenage girls about female matters like menstrual cycles and pads, gender-based violence, and rape protection to keep the mentorship program going.

Girls Outreach

Motivating and inspiring Girls is highly appreciate at COI. It is also one of our pillows, what we stand for.

July 26 Celebration
July 26 Celebration

On July 26, 2021, Liberia independence day, we celebrated at the CARE OUTREACH INITIATIVE children center where lives were touched literally.

Children Celebrating 2020 Christmas Party

2021 Christmas Party

2020 Christmas Party – We hosted 200 Children for our Christmas party last year. This year, 2021, we anticipate to host 500 Less fortunate and vulnerable children at our children’s Christmas party in Gbarnga City. Many of these children are orphans and are not able to celebrate Christmas like other children. They do not get new clothes or a new toy. Please help us make Christmas a memorable one for them. The cost to celebrate this coming Christmas party for 500 Less fortunate and vulnerable Children is $1500 USD. We highly appreciate your help and Donations.

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Goal: $1,500.