A big "Thank You" to all of our volunteers, supporters and followers.

We are incredibly proud to have been selected as a Top Rated Non-Profit for the third year in a row by the communities we serve.

We Defend the Rights of Children, We stand against gender Base VIOLENCE, Yes we have a feeding program for less fortunate and vulnerable Children!

We currently work with 318 less fortunate and Vulnerable Children. We currently have 119 Scholarships beneficiaries. We also believe that we can’t be satisfied with an average reality. The comfort zone of saying “I can not do it” is the worst injustice that anyone can do. Never be comfortable with the thought that it cannot be done. Average can never bring results, but we can break loose from it out of personal choice to focus on what we can control and not what we cannot control.

Consistently push yourself to the next level because the mind can go as far as you make it. Push self to do it not for self, but because it is touching many others’ lives.