Human Rights Defenders

Today in History, November 9!
Care Outreach Initiative INC through one of it Human Rights Defenders in ALFRED TAMBA BRIMA Presented to the students of the Sumo Moye Memorial Institute a TOPIC on Public health and waste management. Thanks to our Board of directors headed by Mr. David Flomo, Josephine Gbarsaygee and Mot. Louis Viola Wallace for the tireless efforts in making sure that our team do a continuity of a reach outreach to the next Generation.
We have often said that it’s unacceptable to keep focusing on problems in solving problems. Focusing on problems to solve problems is like digging a hole to fill another and you will always have a hole. It’s like borrowing to pay a debt. Solution cure everything. We MUST focus on solutions. As you focus on solutions, don’t be afraid to fail, it’s the only way to succeed. Failures are part of the solutions process. They are temporary guideposts and redirection to set you straight for future success. Kids have a right to be safe at school.

Kids’ rights are human rights.

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