Summer Youth Camp 2023

Text: Colossians 2:6-7

Theme: Be Built Up In The Lord”

Whenever something out of the ordinary happens, I first think about saying a big thanks to the almighty God for his divine grace, favor, and blessings.

We want to thank all our donors for all their donations, especially Miss Kathy Justice, who supported the Youth summer camp beyond boundaries.

We are deeply grateful to Elijah Bowen from Christ For The Nation Institute, who left his wife and family to help run our youth summer camp, life skills, and leadership training. We also want to thank you for helping set up our fundraising account in the USA. We do pray that God’s grace and mercy keep you strong and safe in all your ways.

A big, big thanks to the Care Outreach Initiative For keeping the dreams of the young people alive in Gbarnga and Liberia at large. Hon J Howard Mattaldi Jr, Founder And CEO of Care Outreach Initiative INC, you have proven that there are still great, passionate, and trusted leaders in Liberia. God’s Grace and favor will always locate you and your family.

Thanks to Jefferson Knight, Director of the United Methodist Church Human Rights Department, and the leadership of the New Life Recovery Center for all their guidance and support. We pray that God’s grace locates and provides the necessary support for your center.

Thanks to all our participants who devoted their time and left their busy engagement to attend our life skills and leadership training in Gbarnga and Monrovia. We pray that whatever knowledge you have acquired be used to help rebuild our communities and impart the lives of other young people. “Keep holding on, the time is right.” We pray for God’s consistent love and blessings.

In our Liberian English, I wato sayyy thank you all yaaaaaaahhhh, hope to see you all soon. Keep us in your prayers as we go. Let there be a divine connection and donation to help support our yearly youth summer camp.

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