Education for a Change

The Jewel Starfish Foundation (JSF), in collaboration with the CARE OUTREACH INITIATIVE, LIB, INC! Donates a tailoring machine to a Member of Care Outreach in JOSEPHINE DUKE! Please join us as we discuss matters of mutual interest relating to the empowerment of women and girls.

We seek education for a change in mind and attitude, one thing we all are to know is education isn’t just about acquiring knowledge without applying what we have learned outside, education is applicable, if we are unable to prove what we get from our teachers,mentors and parents meaning there’s a problem inside of us that we need to eradicate and that’s normal but you can get over what is enduring you, remember that everything that others do is just because they believe in their self, the best way we can do that which we need to do is we must believe in ourselves and be confident in all that we think of doing.

In the fight against global poverty, we all need to work harder every day, I’m overwhelmed by the impressive response from the Jewel Star Fish Foundation through Care Outreach Initiative Lib Inc. in making the dream of girls come to reality, on yesterday chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor vice president of the Republic of Liberia make available on to little Josephine Duke a tailoring machine and complete fees at the ACD Vocational training center in Gbarnga city Bong county.

Bravo to the team who continues to work tirelessly to ensure that every child in Liberia is served well, Min Rachel Marco Brown Physical Moses Gwee Jr. Jerryline Zubah, and the CEO who believes in breaking barriers in Amb J Howard Mattaldi Jr.

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