Elijah Bowen’s Visit

From Hurdles to Hope, Our Journey Together

In every challenge, there’s a chance waiting to be found. Sometimes, we might feel like problems are too big to tackle. But guess what? We’re stronger and smarter than we think.

We believe every problem comes with a seed of solution. And this belief fires up our spirit every day. It’s like a game where every hurdle is a stepping stone towards victory, waiting for us to jump over.

But for a long time, some voices have said, “It’s too hard,” or “We can’t fix this.” They almost had us believe those whispers. Almost.

We choose to see things differently. Every time we see a challenge, our heart races with a drive to find that hidden chance within. And we know, together, we can find it. Every puzzle has a solution, every question has an answer, and every challenge has a way through.

So, with each advocacy, let’s promise to inspire each other. Let’s remind one another that we can turn hurdles into hope and problems into possibilities. Thanks for everything, Pastor Elijah Bowen and Dean of Men at the Christ for the Nations Institute, Texas, Dallas, USA.

It’s all about taking that first step, sharing a word of encouragement, lending a helping hand, and believing in the power of ‘us.’

We can change our “can’t do” into “can do.” And as we do, we’ll find our world changing with us, from a place of hurdles to a place of hope and endless possibilities.

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