Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence. Mentorship session at our partnering School, AICA, on the Lofa Road first Carwash/Gbarnga City, BONG Co, Liberia, West Africa. Many children are zealous and eager to be educated. These children need Educational Support, Bookbags, Copybooks, scholarships, and much Support for their human divinity. They are our next generation. Please send Support for any child through our soundwave number (0888981641). Together we can shift a destiny and have a casted vision.

As a leader or aspiring leader, your dreams should inspire you to do better daily. A dream is nothing but an idea, wishful thinking, or even thoughts of hope. It is nothing but a possibility until you take action to make it real.

What are you doing to make your vision a reality today! It’s cool to be faced with adversities. Facing challenges & navigating through them builds resilience capacity. I am a young man, but I’ve gulped hurdles from my upbringing, academia, and present adulthood through to our Rights ACTIVIST life. What we’ve learned over the period is that Challenges make life interesting & overcoming them gives life a purposeful meaning. Hard times stimulate growth that good times don’t. You don’t see change if you don’t embrace ordeals from a differential perspective. Just as When times are tough, many people sink, other people float, and a few people rise. Do well to be part of the few who’d still rise amidst the pack of troubles; Adjust your sails & adapt. Your ripe moment is a stone’s throw; belief! To enact a vision of human flourishing based on the qualities of life that that you can model will invariably challenge the given structures of the social order. In this light, there is no true leadership without putting at risk one’s time, wealth, reputation, and position.

Our proud and hardworking CEO in Amb. J HOWARD MATTALDI, JR. On the Outreach today at the AICA School system in gbarnga City, BONG Co. Liberia, West Africa.

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